Inclusive Events for Everyone

Build events where all of your attendees feel safe, respected, and represented.

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"As audiences across all shows get younger and more diverse, it's really important for us as organisers to continue to drive change through innovation to stay relevant. It's widely known that diverse and inclusive teams breed innovation across all sectors." - Michael Adeniya, Chief Operating Officer of the UK Black Business Show

(Clusivity white paper “How diversity, equity and inclusion could radically transform the events industry”)

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Attract new audiences

Attract new groups of attendees who will see your commitment to inclusion and innovation.

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Advocate for inclusion

We can only create a world where people from historically marginalised groups are able to flourish if more and more events commit to inclusion.

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Align with your values

Curating inclusive events can be part of your company’s wider diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) mission.

"Especially now, companies are under pressure to innovate. We want trade shows to be a window into the future. And diversity is a critical factor for innovation. If we learn how to attract more women at very male trade shows, we can implement these formulas at other trade shows." - Susanne Hennigers, Director of Corporate Partnerships & Platform Growth at Messe Muenchen